R-19-04 Exhibit A

r 19 04 exhibit a pdf city council passing legislation resolutions_2019 1cd99705fab5ac6de8c747e7844cc925 fc5441a768ce32ef50b5c000ff339730dead5c7145bb360dfb536022dc215524 217×300 _jdsyz6ya1tt3 thumb jpg 2019 08 13 48 resolutions 1000 01 00 pdf application 01 26 2006 cooperative agreement for state planning project this made and entered into as of the date specified on schedule i hereto term sheet which isporated herein m fully incor ade a part hereof by between ohio water development authority body corporate politic organized existing under provisions chapter 6121 revised code hereinafter referred to owda governmental lga termereinafter h laws acting pursuant an ordinance or resolution passed legislative thereof w t n e s whereas has been created among other reasons carry forward declared public policy preserve protect upgrade conserve develop utilize manage resources prevent abate pollution promote beneficial use waters protection preservation health safety convenience welfare imment economprove ic employment opportunities creation jobs people assist cooperate with governmes in achieving such purposes through theental agenci establishment operation maintenance projects utility system refe hereinafterrred will require supply services fromthe construction aintenance new additional facilities are hereafter reques ir financing have determined enter set forth their respective obligations withspect re activities contemplated hereby now therefore consideration premises mutual covenants contained parties do agree follows cleveland 769414 2 article definitions except where context clearly indicates otherwise following terms used shall meaning ascribed them approved means thpplication dated submitted together all attachments supporting documon amendments supplementati ents thereto approval any amts endmen after b consulting engineer firmidentified te rm from whom received proposal perform engineering c contract interest rate d period years msubject section 3 eans commencing 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person occasioned whatsoever pertaining systemect thereo pf roj indemnity effective damages negligent intentional acts emoyees andpl indemify holdn fl cosromt al liability claims arising breach covenant installation improvemnt negligence servants licensees accident caused firm corporation resufrom olting results claim arbitration brought case bought reason br resist defend proceedings expense inuding cl attorneys venue suit courts county franklin supreme irrevocably waives objection trial jury 8 v miscellaneous invoice accounting demand communication toll oe sufftihercien stlyha dispatched registered mail postage prep aid return personally addressed 480 south high street columbus oh 43215 addressd address terme addresses respect designate unreasonably withheld thirtieth submission matter requiring disapproved provision satisfidence ofaction ev interpreted granting authorizing expressing expressly provides execute internal revenue 1986 m149 ay amended agreemis file behalf service conditional certification availability hereinabove satisfied 9 binding inure benefit board municipal succeeding powers agreemhe assigned went ithout option mthis agreemay assign references environml protectionenta offices divisions successors witness whereof here bto executed 10 note generated meeting description analyze pdf_pages timings

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