required inspections building permits pdf and zoning permit applications f82cfb28fc2f7e75e71c31f7ebd03bff fd98fdaadab2800c91b7805a91fd71a4a4f6228b5052d66893e7e017c0dabe04 222×300 _c4nmqqrmdhba thumb jpg 2021 02 14 07 12 20 1000 01 00 pdf application city of wilmington building zoning department required inspections footer made after excavation is completed and crumbed out forms are set or staked any rebar placed lot line markers will also be checked foundation slab gravel mesh plumbing vapor barrier in place perimeter drains damp proofing waterproofing shall inspected prior to backfilling rough electrical mechanical covering concealment all boxes wiring grounding ductwork along with framing inspection masonry roof fire stopping draft bracing previous insulation installed if you installing blown the attic it structural final drywall hung but before taped finished electric fixtures devices hvac installation everything operational other addition called above official may make require special ascertain compliance codes requirements enforced by exterior interior work including ready for use occupancy reinspection not at requested date arrival inspector does comply code another then a fee 25 00 assessed this must paid further call 937 382 5134 schedule best results day want performs on tuesday wednesdays thursdays from 9 m noon revised 2019 18 page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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