1821 residential fee schedule pdf applications and permits building_and_zoning 994ca4dcb22164b0ce7caa1e9e1c378b 0342dd61997f155b396bbdd31bf3a8b8e2de617e09d959cebdf9cba4cdcb9952 223×300 _0gyf4bawfpjn thumb jpg 2021 02 13 21 44 55 building zoning 0 1000 01 pdf application city of wilmington residential permit fee schedule construction fees new additions alterations structural home room 25 00 plus 9 10 per 100 sq ft square footage x 1 electrical 60 50 5 fireplace in 30 add to existing house 40 garage sheds decks electric temporary service reconnect upgrade with additional wiring 70 mechanical not charged for qty basic 20 addition or replacement unit ea wood burning coal stove gas line inspection other permits siding swimming pool above ground 75 please specify zoning and site review manufactured homes subtotal state ohio board building standards total mobile must go through a third party permitting inspections contact commission s website at www omhc gov by phone 614 734 8454 unattached accessory buildings less than 200 feet require no but still all are due the time payment accepted check credit card money order exact cash only payments subject 3 processing checks be made payable remittance address department 69 n south st oh 45177 revised 2021 13 page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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