Rezoning Process Guidance

1984 rezoning process document pdf applications and permits planning 00476d4bfcbd9508bb33d4e02a944392 dafb0d35a54368f8224f897bf63a7cdc027c6bf6e45e41143915a0d9a237d585 224×300 _b9wvpypmqlvo thumb jpg guidance 2021 07 08 11 16 38 0 1000 01 pdf application city of wilmington rezoning process submit for form can be found on the website permits page https wilmingtonoh org and applications must submitted 15 days prior to planning commission meeting meets first tuesday month dates deadlines attached attachments electronically publicservice items required initial current zoning designation contact building dept assistance requested full legal description property plat survey map proposed use site adjacent owners names mailing addresses county auditor review is reviewed by if approved board will make a positive recommendation council transferred clerk legislation prepared rezone public notice advertised in local newspaper sent 30 applicant responsible costs hearing holds reviews third thursdays each undergo three readings this happen one ways depending s preference reading over course separate meetings at two second single timeframe preparation notification period 45 day minimum legislative 1 standard amount time before becomes effective law not created as emergency total 60 2 months typical 90 120 3 4 updated 7 2021 page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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