Storm Water Management And Erosion Control Specifications

1651 3 1 storm water management and erosion control specifications pdf engineering 6e5b45a8e79b0751a49d81e598949cf3 a41721f88ad5c926e2371f733900805a14e86f7aea9ac95c9907dbbd9b55166d 134×300 _jwi4uaavkmxx thumb jpg 2019 04 18 09 06 00 1000 pdf application city of wilmington storm water management and erosion control specifications adopted by the planning commission 9 23 97 appendix table contents attachment a standards criteria for stormwater drainage detention retention section 1 system a1 2 sewers a4 3 channels courses a6 4 a9 5 basins a11 b soil sediment general provisions b1 b3 references tables figures requirements every subdivision land development shall be provided with which is adequate to serve area meets this chapter other developers are required design improvements such that during events having recurrence intervals as specified herein rate runoff leaving at strategic points not more after than if had remained undeveloped necessary facilities constructed ensure requirement met although contained specific they represent minimum engineer may recommend higher degree protection results do appear protect health safety welfare community systems designed ultimate use on any site fema floodway maps should consulted effect minor major comprehensive requires providing two separate distinct collecting transporting from frequently occurring storms it includes open street curbs gutters underground manholes catch culverts s purpose lessen or eliminate inconveniences hazards associated frequent except where indicated otherwise directed page_text extracted_title num_pages exceeds capacity has route follow basin must recognized exists even when planned whether physical intelligently located respect c redeveloped sites expansions an existing being partially totally total portion affected principal structure retained pre developed computed based actual conditions prior redevelopment i e there no assume virgin razed considering have grass cover expansion proposed d regional common waive individual available reasonably certain one will public in jeopardy option exercised developer agree writing participate cost already amount participation method collection determined encourages wherever feasible continued maintenance once been approved responsibility property owners maintain facility its proper operation meet intent ordinance all times within right way easement maintained service director make regular inspections compliance these deficient deficiencies corrected sixty 60 days written notice failure so result initiation appropriate legal action against owner flowing full handle estimated 10 year frequency estimate rational q cia base manning formula x 486 r size 12 0 top pipe slope inlet leads mean velocity fps desired absolute min maximum manhole spacing 400 placement intersections termini changes alignment connected 250 pockets fill sides grade each side flatter dead end descending p t intersection radius curves gutter descends toward curve locate line possible types analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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