stormwater appeals request form 04 01 21 pdf public services wastewater department program 17a0d1d3a5c369211981b838f2d9cf32 15baf4780b8f0705f0efc86f30a1100e77aed0513f519fe87921dad9669874f6 266×300 _n7nmu7cipngq thumb jpg 2021 06 14 49 23 1000 00 pdf application city of wilmington stormwater appeal request information sheet your rates are based on the amount impervious surface like buildings asphalt and concrete within a property s boundary line appeals should be filed when customer believes that area has been incorrectly calculated or applied ownership is incorrect 924 10 right to owner may challenge measurements assigned his her by filing with utility billing department for adjustment thereof stating in writing grounds public works director shall cause appropriate investigation report findings further board control who determine whether an measurement any such lot parcel necessary please submit using form must contain all listed along documentation include printout drawing arean qu iestion accurate descriptions note submitted will not returned telephone requests accepted order us review charges you this supporting email wilmingtonps org mail administrator 475 nelson avenue oh 45177 requested below including required name address mailing daytime number account reason check apply describe inaccurate declaration calculation removed change assignment other checking box above gives its representative permission access measure take photos as needed use only date received ________________ denied reviewed reviewer __________________________ comments page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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