Taxpayers Rights And Responbilities

1216 taxpayers rights and responbilities pdf tax department 1449502349 52202e952df3e7e03679a451ebaaadf9 c29f0467db0050424715c0ed1c63d7fe32936750486d7d44dd46d641dfa16363 281×300 _vuy993upao3z thumb jpg 2015 12 07 11 32 29 0 1000 01 pdf application taxpayers rights and responsibilities section 718 01 qq means the provided to in sections 11 12 19 23 36 37 38 5717 03 of revised code file report withhold remit pay municipal income tax otherwise comply with chapter resolutions ordinances rules adopted by a corporation for imposition administration shall maintain local board review hear appeals taxpayer civil actions recover taxes penalties interest have time limits has prescribed manner request refunds from administrator required responsibility allow examination their books papers records federal state returns at or before commencement an audit inform rovide certain information regarding recourse if aggrieved action omission employee may opinion respect prospective liability appeal final determination page_text extracted_title num_pages pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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