Tree Topping

1028 tree topping pdf boards and commissions commission 1284049420 51f7b271a6181ab3b3c4fe574cc37035 2f20afd3b79a77c879c1b9770ddaa2dc2b3f6557871013ecb2c4a026d4fe132f 220×300 _4ptu3bfxg7yo thumb jpg 2010 09 12 23 40 0 1000 01 pdf application topping starves and shocks trees by removing much of the tree s protective crown leaves branches without its a cannot produce food necessary for growth nor protect sensitive bark from damaging sun heat result is often canker ing splitting death vulnerable to insects disease that can enter through large branch end cuts once physiological system altered resistance greatly lowered weakens because new sprout severed limb are significantly weaker than original weakened more likely fall in storm or other adverse indiscriminate cutting weather back expensive with many hidden costs such as increased liability reduced property value topped stubs hurts both maintain may not survive long run ugly natural form source environment beauty appear disfigured mutilated will never return shape shorten life span all tips on how 1 plant good fit area plan ahead keep mind size reach at maturity avoid 2 prune properly every three years health longevity 3 excessive fertilization force 4 if you have any questions concerns about harmful effects please contact your community forester local isa certified arborist international society arboriculture web site www arbor com arborists arbsearch html page_text extracted_title num_pages pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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