Site Plan Review Requirements-WCO 1135.05

1824 wco 1135 05 site plan review requirements pdf applications and permits building_and_zoning 1613270708 89add560a80eb29c5e098df8d22a0b7c 68eb1a4b6462a8fb0e24f77c45df5877e96a613003dea94153ce704c78d8c8bc 226×300 _9qdd7mrd8moy thumb jpg 2021 02 13 21 45 08 building zoning 178 3 81 1000 01 00 pdf application city of wilmington ohio codified ordinances sec 1135 05 site plan review a purpose the is to ensure compliance with development and design standards this zoning code encourage sound planning principles in arrangement buildings preservation open space utilization topography other features promote overall quality permit shall not be issued for uses requiring until approved pursuant section b applicability 1 except as specifically provided herein no person commence any use or construct alter structure grade lot parcel zones where required without first obtaining an 2 unless exempted by subsection 3 below commission following types prior issuance all non residential c conditional circumstances exempt from listed 1141 table principal district including single family two dwellings greenspace unimproved areas change alteration that would otherwise also require approval 04 d exterior building used accessory which does expand footprint more than 25 percent requirements form fee information accompany must satisfy administrator determines drawing format drawn scale specified appropriate clear legibly number copies three folded are on sheets greater 24 inches 36 minimum documents submitted determined follows name address phone applicant owner agent if applicable fax e mail each available identification seal architect landscape engineer surveyor title block giving proposed legend notes labels explaining content shown legal description property question notation month year place noting revision date s written graphic vicinity map north arrow display location relation surrounding road network local jurisdictions f common boundary involved detailing bearing dimension course line g acreage square footage h classification abutting parcels i dimensions existing streets driveways sidewalks walkway within thoroughfare right way pavement type width construction details noted depicted j schematic depiction locations gas electric fiber optic telecommunication lines terminal facilities sanitary sewer septic system components water service wells fire hydrants emergency connections storm drainage management k easements percentage occupied l proximity represented elevation contour at intervals exceeding one foot zero six slopes feet 18 five over m surface natural man made lakes ponds runoff control basins marshes wetlands rivers creeks streams ways n tree survey includes trees have diameter breast height dbh larger include size condition heavily wooded large protected individual do need surveyed indicate distinguish based intended level disturbance o soils found seasonal wind directions p flood prone using 100 plain standard q additional may deemed necessary proper complete when presents difficult unusual problems specific land around variance has been secured time schedule indicates anticipating starting completion dates staged indication how staging proceed notations respective distances lowest foundation opening finished floor elevations structures part thereof altered removed proposals summary indicating dwelling unit bedrooms per plans area density computation recreation spaces 6 offices employees floors total 7 measured accordance 1151 measurement exceptions off street parking provisions typical handicapped designation widths turning radii material loading unloading showing outdoor storage waste disposal trash containment along detailed screened buffered fences walls cross diagram landscaping plantings buffers screening intensity orientation exteriors documentation lighting photo metric analysis faces setback illumination signs supplementary such but limited their requirement traffic impact study tis market environmental assessment condominium report evaluation public services front side rear drawings sufficient evaluate visual appearance function certification sewage permits having able authority department transportation odot sight distance configuration driveway access intersections acceptable federal agency fema fill floodplain compliant regulations stormwater quantity soil erosion sedimentation measures pre post boundaries cover clearing limits remain cleared stockpiling sediment trap page_text extracted_title num_pages airport airspace meets aviation administration faa division statement documenting potential impacts groundwater air procedure step consultation submitting consult informal discuss technical issues pertinent proposal comment whether process making decision request input staff potentially regulatory authorities consultants concept sketch it helpful explain project general terms layout points relationship conditions items relevant processing formal submittal formally submit duty determine ten working days receipt notified writing deficiencies supplied informed further action will taken corrected upon notify completeness then provide accepted departments allow 15 respond receive comments before sent hold meeting consider recommendations regarding board reasonable amount choose approve deny revisions safeguards performed appeal court pleas considerations interest health safety well convenience comfort prosperity welfare considering factors protect long term reviewing internal external considerable significance new redevelopment projects neighboring properties contains elements cohesiveness good neighborhood atmosphere suggestions comprehensive orderly safe flow vehicular pedestrian confirm operation satisfied 8 satisfies county state permitting criteria conducted anticipated considered those adequacy presented understandable manner provides accurate improvements complies sufficiency compatibility compatible respect adjacent operations character operational coordination corresponding activities coordinated planned developments identified either primary secondary significant preserves architecturally historically culturally wetland aquifer recharge severe limitations steep hedge rows valuable retain circulation proposes provision determination being designed comfortable connected conflict free americans disabilities act ada aisles related vehicle demands ems these evaluated shared 11 chapter 1171 signage 1173 9 effectiveness screen mitigate negative 1165 buffering 10 1167 utilities capacity accommodate electricity telephone cable roadways police protection bikeways schools 12 upstream downstream maintenance 13 minimizing during preventing after 14 lanes suppression supply conjunction pose threat harmonious regard mass 16 procedures nuisances odors excess noise unsanitary externalities realm wellness case file record files maintained contain numbered was reviewed consecutive applications same minutes audio recording proceedings hearing referenced letter placed approvals responsible obtain improvement failure comply result enforcement brought competent jurisdiction expiration extension commenced years become null void re only grant up months its initial entertain subsequent extensions thereafter modification minor modifications allowable changes improve unanticipated constraints should affect species consistent reduce violate setbacks nor adjustments alignment purposes improved eliminate create conflicts reduction negatively major meet qualification above subject revised ord 68 exh 20 analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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