Yard Sale Permit Application

1881 yard sale permit application 2 page pdf applications and permits public_servicepublic_safety 7b2ce12fb50df9dc50ccd48cdf315978 7b8ce5fd168915041c2db742675cabcb62f19edd62c54ca566dafa5da4c9d205 300×184 _vctmqr3guf5b thumb jpg 2021 05 28 14 48 06 public service safety 0 1000 01 pdf application city of wilmington yard garage sale home permit name applicant street address phone 1 2 email if different from location dates days week mon tue wed thu fri limit three 3 sat sun hours day sales are limited to consecutive only two per year person operation 7 a m p by signing below agrees follow the rules as provided in w c o chapter 725 signature date fee 0 please return office service director 69 n south oh 45177 publicservice wilmingtonoh org 937 382 6509 8 4 intent this is control and regulate porch like residential zoning areas r ord 1440 passed 11 15 73 definition used means offering for ten or more items tangible personal property within any district other than nonprofit corporations churches eleemosynary organizations occupants permitted conduct such nonconforming business uses at public auction an auctioneer licensed pursuant ohio 4707 required no firm partnership association corporation shall without first obtaining therefor herein information applicants file with designee writing which contain following telephone number b proposed 18 35 06 05 display be displayed conspicuous place where conducted frequency calendar nor may same period time 3184 21 91 restrictions limitations every subject duration thereof not exceed between violations foregoing cause immediate revocation safety 99 penalty who conducts fined fifty dollars 50 offense five hundred 500 each subsequent page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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