Reverse-angle parking comes to downtown Wilmington

WILMINGTON – The City of Wilmington announced a new method of parking will be available in downtown Wilmington this spring. The City will be offering reverse-angle parking on Main Street, Sugartree Street, and a portion of South Street along the Courthouse Square.

The new parking configuration is part of the Downtown Wilmington South Street Safety Improvements Project and will provide five (5) additional parking spaces in the Courthouse Square block. The entire project provides a net increase of two (2) parking spaces in the downtown area.

Reverse-angle parking provides for improved driver visibility when leaving the parking space, as the driver is facing forward and is not backing blindly into traffic. This type of parking makes for easier loading and unloading. When the vehicle doors are open, they block access to the street. The vehicle trunk is also accessed from the sidewalk. With reverse-angle parking, handicapped accessible parking spaces have direct access to the sidewalk, and wheelchairs can load/unload from either side of the car or trunk and still be away from the traffic lane.

When parking at a reverse-angle space, the driver signals for a turn as they approach the space. They stop just past the parking space and then back into the space.

Traditional parallel parking options will still be available throughout the downtown, and downtown visitors can also park in public parking lots.

The Downtown Wilmington South Street Safety Improvements Project is focused on the intersections of South and Sugartree, South and Main, and South and Locust. Improvements include sidewalk bump-outs at the intersections to provide safer pedestrian crossings, new traffic signals, crosswalk improvements, and new pedestrian signals. Construction is expected to be completed by October 2022. The contractor is Complete General, and the Ohio Department of Transportation is managing the project.

The City of Wilmington asks that all motorists be patient, reduce speed, and exercise added caution when traveling near this work zone. Questions regarding the project may be made to the Office of the Director of Public Service, (937) 382-6509 or by email to

To receive updates from the City of Wilmington by text message, text “Wilmington1” to 91896. 


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