2021 Event Permit Form

1443 2018 event permit form pdf applications and permits 4cec7a5afb5c11ede7c4a7a876fbe7c0 db8b61cd88474289da848ed289c6acda8d87cef06ea3b53ed5d3c5578c1a0973 225×300 _mivymd9qyfuo thumb jpg 2021 08 31 10 00 167 114 101 65 01 11 20 19 13 pdf application city of wilmington event permit for all events including parades run walk bike road closures and lane restrictions new revised name ____________ sponsor ________________________________ contact person ____________________________________________________________________________ phone number e mail _____________________________________ address __________________________________________________________________ type check that apply parade using public streets or other right way request closure restriction park located primarily in a do not use this form unless you are also requesting can obtain facility reservation through the parks department by calling 937 382 4781 visiting www wilmingtonoh org paks recreation if will need both forms date s recurring list dates _________________________________________________ setup start time __________________________ end teardown ___________________________ description note any special safety services needs _________________________________________________________________________________________ route area your is please describe on attached map it writing below must each received ______________________________ _______________________________ 6 2018 participant vital prior to beginning important participants be advised obey pedestrian regulations cross only at intersections candy items may thrown from vehicles persons walking with vehicle hand viewers sponsoring organization responsibility clean up debris left over would include material might fall floats animal manure markers signs along failure following result 100 fee being sent named above insurance information carries commercial general liability attach certificate impose additional requirements certain activities but limited fireworks horses animals racing bounce houses inflatables distribution consumption alcoholic beverages such others potential personal injury property damage reserves require reasonable evidence 1 its elected appointed officials employees volunteers covered as insureds under coverage limit less than million per occurrence 2 shall primary non contributing respects 3 there no exclusions identified high risk i etc modify these based nature circumstances hold harmless defend indemnify ohio boards commissions authorities board members thereof against claims suits actions costs attorney fees expenses damages judgments decrees every reason damaged injured agents subcontractors invitees arising growing out whether negligence otherwise determination ______approved disapproved director approved mayor administrator return office 69 north south street 45177 email fax 0931 service police fire m r requestor outlined page_text extracted_title num_pages vised c ty o f w l ng t n ev ent p erm ppl ca vent cl ud ar ades ru wa k b ke oad osu re nd ane es ri ct ons ne ve eve nt na me ___________ _ ponsor ______ __ __________ ________ ontac rson _________ ___________________________________________________________________ hone numbe ____ _________________________________ addr ss cont rso ________________________________________________________ yp ch h ap ly un lk ike ra de usi g publi stre ts ht y que st d losure striction ub ark v lo ted il u se rm eq esti lan clo yo tain facilit er io est dep llin 9 7 iti ak ec ea tio ou qu sti sur ot ms dat rri ist da tes ___________________ ________________________ tup tar im _______________ _____ ow ___ des cr ip ion ote spec publ ic sa fe rvic nee ds ________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ rea our pl sc ribe oute th tt he an wr ing ur res ric ust ac ________________________________________________ _____________________________ ived _______ _______________________ iv tic saf vit al eg tan ticip ad ed bey pedes ria ula ns nly inte rsect ite eh icle ie eb lef ld clu ial ig ats alo te fail clea llo esu ee ein izatio ab insura nc atio so rries rc li su rti ica cit q irem rtain ti ies lu irew rk rse ls lata les istri lco rs ten j ro rty rv rig ire le id ll ele icia iab rre sh rim tr ib x sio ied lat tc tu isk ircu sta ify oh tee issio rit rd laim sts ju rip trac ari sin rw ise en eter appr ove disap pr dire tor ma admini stra turn mingtonoh ff ice us onl distr tion ayor vice af oli ir stor ined adobe ucs microsoft ii analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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