Office of Law Director

69 North South Street
Room 202
(937) 383-2067

Justin Dickman, City Law Director
Sarah McMahon, City Prosecutor
Jane Horne, Administrative Assistant/Victim Services Coordinator 

gavelThe City of Wilmington Law Department consists of the Director of Law, the Chief Municipal Prosecutor and the Administrative Assistant/Victim Service Coordinator. The office is functionally divided between administrative/civil litigation duties and criminal prosecution duties. The Director of Law is primarily responsible for providing legal support to all administrative and legislative officials in the City. This includes serving as counsel for the Planning Commission and the many other boards and commissions involved in operating the City government. The Chief Prosecutor, supported by the Department Paralegal, prosecutes all misdemeanor crimes committed in the City or any unincorporated area of Clinton County.A misdemeanor crime committed in any of the villages of Clinton County will be prosecuted by that village’s prosecutor. If you have questions concerning a misdemeanor charge in a village, you should contact that village’s administration.

To set up an appointment please call our office between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. You can also reach us by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cases do you handle?
Our office handles misdemeanors and traffic cases originating in the City of Wilmington and unincorporated areas of Clinton County.

Can I get a restraining order through the City Prosecutor’s Office?
Ohio does not have a blanket restraining order.

I’m interested in filing charges, what process is involved?
You must first get a copy of the police report which shows the incident has been investigated. Next call the office during business hours to schedule an appointment. Please keep in mind that we can file only those complaints which are backed by sound evidence and that not every incident is chargeable.

Once charges are filed, can they be dismissed?

Can a moving violation be amended to a non-moving violation?
That depends on the individual’s driving record, input from the citing officer and finally the decision of the Judge and/or Magistrate.

Is there a safe driving school program?
Individuals must notify Clerk of Courts to obtain information.

Can I file bad checks charges?
This office generally prosecutes cases in which a bad check has been illegally written on a closed account. Additionally, we only handle check(s) totaling less than $500.00. Any checks written for more than $500.00 need to be addressed by the County Prosecutor’s Office.

I am a Defendant and am facing misdemeanor charges and/or a traffic charge in Municipal Court.  May I talk to the Prosecutor and get advice as to what I should do if I don’t hire an attorney?
We are sorry, but it would be unethical of our office to give you any legal advice. We will be happy to speak with your attorney during office hours.