Wilmington Transit System

All passengers are required to wear a mask when riding in a Transit vehicle due to federal mandate.

260 Charles Street

Dispatch (937) 382-7961

Wilmington Wheelchair Accessible vehicle

Hours of Operation
Saturday and Sunday

The Wilmington Transit System began operations as The Wilmington City Cab Service in August, 1984, with two vehicles, and five part-time employees. We presently have twenty one vehicles, six full-time and fifty part-time employees. We have eight wheelchair accessible vehicles, and we receive more than 11,000 calls a year for wheelchair assistance.

We provide an average of 125,000 rides a year. We deliver passengers to places of shopping, work, healthcare, school, babysitters, daycare, etc. We are a demand responsive, door-to-door service; which means when a passenger calls, we send a vehicle, and if assistance is required, we will help them from their door to the door of their destination. Passengers may also make “time calls”, which is to set up a time that they need to be picked up at a later date and time.

Wilmington transit vehicle

One-Way Fares

In City Limits

In City Limits
In designated areas within the City limits, one way fares for Elderly and/or Disabled are $1.00 with a Wilmington Transit System issued ID card.

Outside City Limits
Contact Wilmington Transit System Dispatch for mileage and wait charges.

Transit Facilities
Taxi indoorWe moved into our new facility July, 2002, located at 260 Charles Street.  The existing building was remodeled to fit our needs and a 13,900 square foot garage added on to accommodate our fleet of 17 vehicles.  Storage rooms and a car wash were also incorporated into the garage facility.

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