City Treasurer

69 North South Street
(937) 382-6515

Paul Fear, City Treasurer

The office of the Treasurer is responsible for keeping an accurate account of receipts and disbursements of all funds of the City of Wilmington or any department of the City.

Collection, Deposit and Investment

The Treasurer is responsible for the collection and deposit of monies due the City. The Treasurer, as the City’s Chief Investment Officer, is responsible for the investment and safekeeping of City funds.

A detailed Investment Policy guides the management of the City’s portfolio. The three priorities, in order of importance, are safety, liquidity and return.

Financial Statements

Preparation of the City’s financial statements is the responsibility of the Auditor. For additional information, click on the Auditor tab under the Finance link.  

Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate Tax information for all properties in the City is maintained by the County Treasurer. For more information on Real Estate Taxes, please call the County Treasurer at (937) 382 –2224.