Staff Directory

Mayor’s Office 937-382-5458
Mayor Haley, Patrick
Special Assistant to the Mayor Cluxton, Michael
Administrative Assistant Lewis, Taylor
Service and Safety 937-382-6509
Service Director Crowe, Michael
Safety Director Spicer, Joseph
Deputy Service Director Shidaker, Brian
Safety/Service Coordinator Ison, Samantha
Administrative Assistant Burrell, Maria
Building and Zoning 937-382-5134
Building & Zoning Official Orwick, Shirley
Code Enforcement 937-382-6509
Code Enforcement Official Vance Annen
Sugar Grove Cemetery 937-382-6509
Clerk Ison, Samantha
Superintendent Keltner, Kirby
Human Resources 937-382-9094

Mongold, Danny

Generalist Loggains, Laura
Auditor 937-382-6604
City Auditor Vance, Mary Kay
Deputy Auditor Riley, Donyel
Clerk Anderson, Ingrid
Clerk Ross, Barbara
Clerk Hieatt, Kelly
Clerk Dusseau, Tamra
Income Tax 937-382-1880
City Treasurer Fear, Paul
Tax Commissioner Jones, Marque
Clerk Lopez-Gomez, Cheryl
Clerk Bingham, Celeste
Parks & Recreation 937-366-6682
Director Ortman, Ivy
Athletic Director Drake, Jody
Staff Mellinger, Travis
Utility Billing 937-382-5711
Public Works Director Vacant
Crew Leader Miller, Karen
Clerk Cloud, Angela
Clerk Dotson, Zachary
Water Protection Coordinator Luncan, Travis
Regional Planning RELOCATED TO 1850 DAVIDS DR.
Executive Director DeMarsh, Drew
Senior Administrator Edison, Mackenzie
Law Director           937-383-5850
Law Director Dickman, Justin
Transit Department 937-382-7961
Director McKay, Jonathan
Mobility Manager Williams, Chasity
Landfill Department 937-382-6474
Superintendent Romohr, Cody
Secretary Pizter, Shyanne
Maintenance & Repair 937-382-6339
Superintendent Stewart, Dave
Crew Leader Michael, Craig
Wastewater Department 937-382-2413
Public Works Director VACANT
Superintendent Honeycutt, Steve
Chief Operator Smith, Don
Crew Leader Potts, Oris
Stormwater Administrator Green, Eric
Water Department 937-382-3614
Public Works Director  VACANT
Superintendent Simpson, Adam
Chief Operator Lunsford, Howard
Police Department 937-382-3822
Chief of Police Wilson, Robert
Fire 937-382-2244
Chief Mason, Andy
Municipal Court/Probation 937-382-0266
Judge Henry, David
Clerk of Court Avey, Sarah
Chief Bailiff/Probation Supervisor Kratzer, Brian