Surplus Equipment

Visit the Auction Site by clicking the link below to view surplus equipment available from the City of Wilmington.

Notice of Intent to Sell Unneeded, Obsolete, or Unfit Municipal Personal Property and Unclaimed Property by Internet Auction

 The City of Wilmington intends to sell personal property that is surplus, obsolete or unfit for City service using auction services available via internet auction in the calendar year 2013, as is permitted pursuant to O.R.C. 721.15(D). The City of Wilmington intends to sell unclaimed property via internet auction in the calendar year 2013, as is permitted pursuant to O.R.C. 737.32.

These items will be sold via the website

The general terms of said internet auction sales shall include the following:

  1. All property is purchased AS IS, WHERE IS. The City is not providing a warranty of merchantability or any other warranty regarding any auctioned item;
  2. Auctions of property will be conducted at various times throughout the year as the property becomes available for auction. The minimum number of days that an auction will be held for any item shall be fifteen (15) days, including Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.
  3. At the close of bidding, the winning bidder will pay for the item by credit card to GovDeals, Inc. as directed by the website (
  4. Buyers are responsible for all cost of picking up, shipping or otherwise transporting the property from its location in the City. Buyers shall remove the purchased item from City property within thirty (30) days (unless otherwise agreed by the City) or the buyer shall forfeit his or her right to purchase the property, will receive a refund of the purchase price, and the item will be re-auctioned. If a buyer who failed to pick up an item purchased from the online auction fails to do so a second time, the purchase price for the second or subsequent items not picked up will NOT be refunded.
  5. City personnel will make up to two (2) scheduled appointments for pickup and if the buyer does not show at the scheduled time and place for the second appointment, the buyer loses all rights to purchase said property, the purchase price will be refunded, and the City will re-auction the item;
  6. For any vehicle or property requiring a title, the City will provide a title for any vehicle purchases as soon as practicable after said purchase.