EMS – Emergency Medical Services (911)

AmbulenceThe City of Wilmington provides EMS services for the City of Wilmington, Union and Washington townships, the eastern half of Adams township and the northern section of Green township.

Traditionally, the goal of emergency medical services (EMS) is to provide immediate medical assistance and rapid transportation to a medical care facility, as well as to make available coordinated inpatient and outpatient treatment so that the most seriously injured or ill are quickly triaged to specialty facilities. In addition, EMS providers commonly deliver emergency medical dispatch-care instructions by phone for emergency victims prior to arrival-as well as injury prevention and rehabilitative care.

Emergency Response Services
Wilmington EMS responds to a number of Emergency 911 calls every month. These calls can include motor vehicle accidents, sudden illnesses, cardiac arrests and falls just to mention a few.

Patient Transports
Though an increasing percentage of non-emergency medical transports are now provided by regional, paid ambulance services, Wilmington EMS does continue to serve the local community with transports.

Fire Department Support
Wilmington EMS is often called upon to support our local fire departments at fire scenes. We provide standby EMS coverage, as well as monitoring our fire fighters.

EMS Standby
Wilmington EMS provides standby coverage at fire scenes, local community events and during severe weather watches.

Mutual Aid
Wilmington EMS provides mutual aid coverage to neighboring EMS agencies on an as-needed basis.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Interception
Wilmington EMS is fortunate to have a number of EMT’s with Advanced Life Support training. We provide intercept services to other area agencies who either are not able to provide the level of care we do or who have a life-threatening emergency but do not have an ALS technician available at the time.