Human Resources

69 North South Street
Room 252
(937) 382-9094

Jeanne Pope, Director

Office Hours

Jeanne Pope, Director
(937) 382-9094

Kelvin Gaines, Administrative Assistant

The Human Resources Department is responsible for providing centralized personnel administration to all employees.  Our objective is to provide a healthy, safe and satisfying work setting for our employees and the highest level of service to our residents.

The department is responsible for a wide range of personnel matters which includes but is not limited to:

  • Employee Health Care and Benefits
  • Employee/Labor relations
  • Risk Management
  • Workers Compensation
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  • Recruitment
  • Training and organizational development
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws 

A note from Director Pope-

The City of Wilmington’s Human Resources Department underwent many changes in 2017, most notably with the retirement of HR Director Ginny Shoemaker and the hiring of Kelvin Gaines as administrative assistant and Jeanne Pope as director.  Under the leadership of Mayor John Stanforth and the support of administration, our department has committed to several goals: risk management, cohesive citywide communication, employee safety, HR regulatory compliance, continuing workforce education, and cost savings wherever possible.

I want to thank the City employees for welcoming our new HR team.  Our city employees have been overwhelmingly supportive.  Additionally, I am grateful to Mrs. Ginny Shoemaker, who served the City for twenty-plus years, retiring as HR Director, for taking a vested interest in my success and the City’s continued growth.  Thank you, Ginny, for making my transition an easy one.

Our department wanted to build on the excellent customer service and concern for employee well being Ginny and others have established. Using innovation and technology, we are updating everything!  From the hiring and new employee orientation process to administering employee benefits, record keeping and employee safety, we are striving to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all the HR office’s roles.

To emphasize the importance of employee safety and encourage the use of best safety practices, we dedicated a week in July to safety.   Several classes were conducted each day, covering a plethora of subjects: Driving basics, Fire Safety, Active Shooter Training, Drug Awareness 101, CPR and first aid training.   Most employees attended multiple classes throughout this week.

Of the year’s accomplishments I’m most proud of the implementation of “Impact Solutions,” our new employee wellness program. No matter the
challenges an employee faces, this program is available to connect him or her with a professional to provide expert, confidential help.  We are taking a
holistic approach to cultivate healthy and happy employees to enable them to better serve our City and its residents.

“Wilmington is the center of the Universe”, said Tammy McKay, whom we lost this year. As I learn more about this wonderful community, I realize the
authenticity of that statement and Iappreciate the opportunities and assets Wilmington has to offer.

Jeanne Pope
HR Director, City of Wilmington


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