Citizen Report Form V2

906 citizen report form v2 pdf public services wastewater department stormwater program 1320339068 4d0225bc325bfa9e78881862aceac5fd aa81d88422e3711f88661d5486c746262824ad12e8de6f5feaa316a7c186ec98 300×222 _10woxvgdbhrg thumb jpg 2011 11 03 12 51 08 0 1000 01 pdf application what did you observe who are please remember that all reports investigated date s pollution was observed if in our local inspectors however limited a report is _________________________________________submitted anonymously as they cannot contact waterways receŶtly we d like to hear froŵ _________________________________________the submitter for more information would can be any type of trash or _________________________________________ remain anonymous it highly harmful chemicals dangerous location recommended include photographs people and the environment problem with your dumping used oil storm drains _________________________________________date this submitted putting leaves grass clipping street piping wastewater directly stream disposing name person company involved submitting known anything gutter into __________________________________________________________________________________ drain illegal violators fined daytime phone number ____________________ vehicle license plate _______________________ other __________________ fill out completely possible return city wilmington department one three ways 1 fax 937 382 3044 describe issue _______________ 2 treatment plant 2413 3 mail 475 nelson ave oh 45177 happens next wi4 l 7 m 5 i n g do want know happened result tel o so reporting surface water send us letter e requesting ha v 4 current status case sure prevent reported request wwtp ci citizen form thank helping keep community clean safe page_text extracted_title num_pages pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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