Green Enterprise Zone Information

893 green enterprise zone information pdf news items 1250789592 c2219ea7bc8bb517fa443a60f8ed1be0 46254ca8d0b999049ec98f4a1b108860a2f82037598c5b75af2edac1910d5f1e 216×300 _bdbxaf28rdso thumb jpg 2009 08 20 13 33 12 0 1000 01 pdf application the city of wilmington ohio green enterprise zone frequently asked questions what is gez an innovative policy tool that seeks to spur business and job creation in by bringing about a convergence two keys areas economic development local capacity building targeted financial incentives stimulating investments will not only bring new businesses jobs economy but provide our community with competitive advantage st implementation understanding emerging technologies industries 21 century vision for promote research advanced manufacturing energy efficient construction as well services have direct positive impact on increasing material efficiency sustainability 1 promoting retrofitting 2 attracting collar sustainable renewable production 3 assisting citizens secondary schools universities organizations training purpose professional growth its provided facilitate establishes council gezdc which administering establishment strategies programs related also advancement projects serving consultant parties seeking resources at state federal levels annual report regarding activity agreements within advise mayor issues grant geg program grants qualifying improve or deploy existing cases where located applicant does own may be spent such fixtures e g workforce meet criteria set forth applicants funds completed commercial buildings built 1950 before been vacant six 6 months must 25 matching funded all others 50 their properties registered us leed certified qualify up 75 reduction permit fees involving installation electric generation equipment intended primarily residential agricultural use generating no greater than 60 000 watts are eligible seventy five percent fifty other associated determined assessment required prior funding include cost benefit analysis achieve certification project ordinance states those reduce dependency fossil fuels carbon footprint typically involve improved weatherization clean maintain increase organic materials live plants property typical would retrofit improvements installing class roof assembly cool roofs garden insulation above minimum code standards heating systems biomass wind turbines geothermal heat pumps co fuel cells solar panels skylights tankless water heaters grey high performance windows doors hvac installations innovations could organically sustainably grown planting trees shrubs preferably none existed storm gardens urban restoration wetland features similar contribute reducing emissions boundaries real municipal designated who seven 7 members terms years consisting appointees executive director clinton county regional planning commission one appointee president downtown improvement corporation dwcic appointed cic member alliance do primary responsibilities seek actively assist owners access available expand rehabilitate integrate technology methods recommend ways attract employers making periodic reports allocate rebates determine apply accepted practices define qualifies employer practice serve advisor any opportunities negotiate landowners said s approval ensure contain information revised american recovery reinvestment act 2009 applicable provisions encourage more committee budget gegs how line item level annually based recommendations from composed auditor treasurer can allocated directly general fund stimulus monies infrastructure opportunity time through supplemental budgeting process page_text extracted_title num_pages pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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