ORDINANCE Creating A Green Enterprise Zone – As Amended

891 ordinance creating a green enterprise zone as amended pdf news items 1248885656 cde64696abef7a1aceb19b2c1d87cbf8 77a45418a9fdd3aae4e809c9837244dd7c8c698e39b42f33f8e0c2e1439265fe 159×300 _9nqbo5hs58a4 thumb jpg 2009 07 29 12 40 56 0 1000 01 pdf application ordinance no _______ creating a green enterprise zone as amended whereas the city of wilmington ohio seeks to promote research and development advanced manufacturing energy efficient construction well services that have direct positive impact on increasing material efficiency economic sustainability by 1 promoting retrofitting businesses 2 attracting collar jobs in sustainable renewable production 3 assisting citizens secondary schools universities community organizations training for purpose professional growth its declare gez with following benefits incentives available enterprises establishing expanding or occupying facilities hiring new employees firms along other necessary measures preserving job opportunities related technology within municipal limits now therefore be it ordained council section establishment hereby establishes comprising all property boundaries will expand if when annexes shall coterminous boundary post annexation gezdc members consist two appointees mayor one appointee president clinton county alliance appointed downtown improvement corporation dwcic cic executive director regional planning commission ccrpc terms years starting at end these membership staggered follows term 6 30 11 s 12 vacancies filled person so filling position serve until his her predecessor has vacancy is not 45 days appoint fill remainder b time formation formed convened soon practicable after passage this c clerk records take official minutes public notices regular special meetings handle correspondence provide an annual stipend performance duties clerical supplies storage space standards pay approves funding first year operation meeting place determined their each calendar any posted entrances stored office responsibilities administration seek actively assist commercial residential owners business access federal state retrofit rehabilitate integrate building methods recommend ways attract employers making periodic reports allocate tax grants rebates set d accept applications from qualified grant geg program created make recommendations policy committee treasurer auditor hereinafter said e determine apply accepted practices define what qualifies employer practice f advisor regarding g negotiate agreements qualifying landowners approval rebate investment purposes described herein h ensure contain information required revised code american recovery reinvestment act 2009 applicable provisions including but limited description service project products sources determining projects qualify status number retained specific amount percentage incentive being requested i collect applicants administrative fee equal 10 value reduction permit fees allowable applicant approved j maintain pursuant retention schedule k employ consulting aid review coordination activities they relate paid fund l submit comprehensive report before thursday september m annually agreement issue compliance may included n establish rules operations adopted majority o encourage existing properties improvements such installing class roof assembly cool roofs garden insulation above minimum heating systems biomass wind turbines geothermal heat pumps co generation fuel cells skylights tankless domestic water heaters grey high windows doors hvac installations innovations p budget recommendation fiscal 4 there industrial entities criteria matching page_text extracted_title num_pages pdf_pages pdf_2text timings

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