Legislation & Action

There are several types of actions considered by City Council during regular meetings.

“Ordinances” are formal enactments of laws, and include subjects such as purchases of items greater than $25,000, real estate related transactions, contract authorizations, bid awards, changes to the City’s Code, and other formal action.

“Resolutions” are generally non-regulatory actions by Council, and could include subjects such as recognition of events, accomplishments, or individuals;  and other Council action as deemed appropriate in resolution format.

Appointments to the City’s citizen-based boards and commissions are made by the Mayor and Council.

Mayoral “Proclamations” are ceremonial acts that sometimes appear on a Council Agenda (but not all proclamations appear on an agenda). Proclamations usually recognize a special event or individual in Wilmington for their special significance or accomplishments.

How to get more information
Agendas and drafts of proposed legislation can be found here. If you would like to be on the list to receive a Digital Council Packet by email prior to the Council Meeting, please send request to clerk@wilmingtonoh.org.