Moyer Community Room Rental

69 North South Street
Room 174
(937) 382-5458


Until further notice, we are not renting out the Community Room to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Community Room Kitchen

Online Reservation Request

Call the Mayor’s Office at 382-5458 between 8am-4pm or email for availability,  pricing, and additional information.


Community Room

$100 for a 4 hour general rental. This price is subject to change based on the type of event and may require a deposit.

The Moyer Community Room is available for rental to the public on a first come, first serve basis. The City reserves the right to cancel any reservations when they conflict with City business. To check our calendar for availability, please call or email the Mayor’s Office.



  1. You can pay for the Community Room rental prior to the event during regular business hours, M-F 8am- 4pm. Payment is due approximately two weeks in advance in order to avoid the need to issue refunds.
  2. Payment by cash or check only can be madeIn person at the Municipal Building on the 2nd Floor in the Auditor’s Office.    
  3. Mailed toAttn: Mayor’s Office 69 N. South Street, Wilmington, OH ”
  4. The community room has the following items available:
    1. Approximately ten (10) 60-inch round tablesApproximately ten (10) 8-foot rectangle tables                           
    2. Approximately 140 chairs.
    3. Standard refrigerator with freezer.
    4. Sink/water access.
  5. There is no stove or microwave.
  6. Room Capacity – 167 peopleThe dimensions of the community room are 44 x 45 x 41 feet.
  7.    Community Room









The following are prohibited:

    1. Taping or tacking items to the community room walls.
    2. The use of candles or open flames (this does not include chafing dishes used for catering.)
    3. The use of tobacco and alcohol are prohibited.
    4. The possession of firearms.
    5. Pets or animals (with the exception of assistance animals).


  1. Access on the day of the event: Pick up key at Police Dispatch Window located on the first floor.  Please lock room and return key at end of the event.
  2. The community room has a “leave it as you found it” policy. Please clean up after your event. Trash can be deposited in the dumpster receptacle in the parking lot at the back of the Municipal Building. Cleaning supplies are located in the cabinet by the refrigerator.
  3. If you fail to clean up after your event, you may be charged a “clean up fee” and you will not be permitted to rent the room in the future.
  4. Close and lock all doors, take trash to dumpster, turn off the lights, and return the key to the Dispatch Department.

Community Room CANCELLATION:

The City reserves the right to cancel any reservation in the event the room is needed for any reason by the City of Wilmington or other governmental agency. If the City of Wilmington needs to cancel the event, we will work with you to reschedule the room for another date or issue a full refund.


The City of Wilmington will not be responsible for lost, stolen articles or merchandise left on premises prior to, during or following an event. The City of Wilmington will not be responsible for physical injuries. We reserve the right to inspect and control all private events on the premise. Liability for damages to property and any additional cleaning will be charge to the party booking the event.