Wilmington City Council

Back row from L to R; Tyler Williams, Mark McKay, John M. Stanforth, Matt Purkey, and Michael Allbright (resigned 12/7/2018). Front row from L to R; Jonathan McKay, Kristi Fickert, Kelsey Swindler, and Bill Liermann.


City Council President
Mark McKay
1186 Sylvan Dr.
(937) 382-2709 (H)

Committees: Ad Hoc (Convener)

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Clerk of Council
Justin Dickman

69 N. South Street

At-Large Representatives

Council Member-at-Large
President Pro Tem

Kelsey Swindler
353 S. South St.
(937) 725-2877 (C)

Committees: Ad Hoc; Finance; Judiciary; Public Works (Chair)

Council Member-at-Large
Bill Liermann
1069 Linhof Road
Wilmington, Ohio 45177
(937) 302-8060 (C)

Committees: City Services; Solid Waste/Recycling

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Council Member-at-Large
Nick Eveland
853 N. Lincoln Street

Committees: City Services (Chair); Solid Waste/Recycling

Ward Representatives

Council Member – 1st Ward
Jonathan McKay
371 North High Street
(937) 218-2426 (C)

Committees: City Revitalization Committee; City Services;  Solid Waste/Recycling (Chair)

Council Member – 2nd Ward
Michael Snarr
45 Faculty Place
(937) 699-0308

Committees:  Finance; City Revitalization (Chair); Public Works; Ad Hoc


Council Member – 3rd Ward
Kristi Fickert
569 Raleigh Place
(513) 236-3154

Committees: Finance (Chair); Judiciary; Public Works

Council Member – 4th Ward
Matt Purkey
81 W. Main Street
(937) 469-5369 (C)

Committees:  Judiciary (Chair); City Revitalization; Ad Hoc


Ad Hoc Committee
Mark McKay – Chair
Michael Snarr
Matt Purkey
Kelsey Swindler
Finance Committee
Kristi Fickert- Chair
Kelsey Swindler
Michael Snarr
Solid Waste/Recycling Committee
Jonathan McKay  – Chair
Nick Eveland
Bill Liermann

City Revitalization Committee
Michael Snarr- Chair
Jonathan McKay
Matt Purkey

Judiciary Committee
Matt Purkey – Chair
Kristi Fickert
Kelsey Swindler
City Services Committee
Nick Eveland- Chair
Bill Liermann
Jonathan McKay

Public Works Committee
Kelsey Swindler – Chair
Michael Snarr
Kristi Fickert