Mayor’s Greeting

Welcome to the City of Wilmington, Ohio! 

On the pond in the Denver Williams Park is a small boat. It is anchored there. Though I doubt very much if it is ‘sea-worthy’ anymore, in the summer it reflects the beauty of the pond and is laden with flowers, bright with color and enthusiasm. From the boat is a tall green flag, rising high above the flowers. The flowers fade in the fall, and in the winter ice forms on the water but the flag remains. It says, “A City for all Seasons.” How very appropriate because Wilmington truly is a “City for All Seasons”. I want to welcome you, and encourage you to come, enjoy Wilmington, this “City for All Seasons.” There is much to do, see, and accomplish. It is a place to feel at home.

Property values are stable and strong. The real estate market is good for buying and selling homes in attractive neighborhoods. There is an abundance of rental opportunities at all price levels.

Our educational opportunities are first class and clearly a fine point of our community:  The public school systems that is not just ‘rated’ excellent, but is one that consistently graduates knowledgeable and capable students who go on to contribute to their families, their community, and their world. There is a private, Christian school as an optional opportunity for families as well as a strong home-school community. Laurel Oaks, one of Great Oaks Career Campuses offers trade and technical training from high school through adulthood. There are two award-winning colleges. Wilmington College and Southern State Community College also produce capable and knowledgeable professionals into the world. Scholarship opportunities are available to residents through an active and generous history of its citizens. Entertainment options are varied. There is a historic theatre, The Murphy Theatre, regularly offering outstanding live entertainment from all over the world. There is also a state of the art, five screen movie theatre where current releases are offered at reasonable prices. Summer entertainment abounds with softball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball teams and regularly scheduled games to watch or join. Basketball courts allow children from 2 to 102 the opportunity to play a game or just to shoot some hoops. Oh, yes- everyone’s favorite:  food. So much to choose from, including one offering home-cooked Italian, and another a top chef in an old hotel.

Wilmington’s industry is not just bouncing back after the economic downturn, but growing. The Wilmington Air Park is constantly developing and changing to accommodate the needs of the global economy. It offers the strategic central location to the major cities around the Eastern United States, as well as state of the art aircraft maintenance. Many other businesses and industries are prospering in this community as well. Because Wilmington is a strategic spot in the middle of a triangle made on the map between Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, access to, from, and between business, commerce, and industry is easy and efficient.

Clinton County is known for its thriving farming which remains strong. Soybeans and corn. Hogs. America’s best; feeding the world.

Our park system has few equals, especially when compared to other cities of this size. The largest of several neighborhood parks, Denver Williams Park, along with is flower filled boat on the beautiful pond, offers catch and release fishing. There are miles of walking and biking trails, multiple place spaces, up to date safe play equipment, a tail wagging dog park, a “rad” skate park, and simple basic beauty of its landscaping and a new free Splash Park.

Come! Join us, enjoy us, be one of us. Welcome to the greatest small town in Ohio and perhaps the nation.

John M. Stanforth, Mayor

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